2018 New Years Resolutions

My resolutions for last year weren’t that ambitious. Basically they were:

  • Fly on the a380
  • Fly on Qatar Airways or Etihad
  • Fly Singapore Airlines

After thinking about it for about for about a week I think I could do better in 2017.

In 2017 I actually traveled less than I did 2016. Most of that had to do with my move to Chicago. This year I think I’m ready to ramp up traveling again and my resolutions reflect that. Without further adieu here are my resolutions:

Fly on the 747

Delta and United are in the process of getting rid of the “Queen of the Skys” and I want to fly on it before it goes away forever. I’m thinking either flying on British Airlines or KLM from Chicago to Europe.

Go to Australia

I’ve always wanted to go. Oceania and Antarctica are the only continents I haven’t been to yet. I’m think about flying to Australia either on Singapore Airlines, Etihad or Qantas.

Visit 5 New Countries

Australia will check one of the countries off the list and if I could combine the trip with a visit to New Zealand that would be great. I do plan on taking a trip to Europe and spending a couple days in a few countries instead of staying in one country like I did both times I visited in 2017.

Post at least once a week

I’m pretty bad about posting and I need to change that. I’d like to post everyday but would I would like to post either a trip report or how to every week and post deals and news intermittently.