Testing World Elite Benefits on Boxed

Recently, Mastercard added benefits to their World and World Elite cards. One of the benefits was 5% cash back at Boxed. I’m a big fan of Boxed, its my main source of LaCroix. I wanted to see how the benefit would work considering you don’t have to register for the benefits.

I went through my regular shopping experience and checked out using my Citi Prestige. Everything seemed the same as before but know this banner appeared:

The cash rewards were credited to my account automatically. When I went into my account information I saw my total cash back under Boxed Up which is like a combination of Amazon Prime and Costco Gold Star but for boxed. I thought that I would have access to the Boxed Up since thats where the cash back was credited but that not the case. You still have to sign up in order to access the non-cash back benefits such as priority shipping.

If you want to try out Boxed, I would greatly appreciate if you could use my referal link:


When you use my link you will received $15 off your first order of $60 or more.