I’m Taking My Parents to Europe

My Dad is turning 60 this year and I wanted to do something special for him. He served in Germany when he was in the military and he always wanted to go back. There are two places my mom has dreamed of going, one is Paris and the other is Milan. She’ll be going with me to Paris at the end of February, so figure I’ll take her to Milan during this trip.

I’m planning on taking my parents on an 8 day trip to Europe with stops in Frankfurt, Munich during Oktoberfest and Milan.

Maps generated by Roosevelt Anderson using the Great Circle Mapper – copyright © Karl L. Swartz.

Why Frankfurt?

I wanted to make this trip special. My parent have never flown in Business class, so why not have them fly on one of the best business classes in the world, Singapore Airlines. We would depart from JFK and fly to Frankfurt via Singapore Airlines’ fifth freedom route. I’ve taken this route myself and the service is excellent. We would land in Frankfurt around 8am.

The time change and jet lag can affect some people differently so we would stay at the Hilton Frankfurt Airport or the Hilton Garden Inn Frankfurt Airport for at least one night. The good thing about these two hotels is that they are essentially two hotels sharing the same building and they are about a 5 – 10 minute walk after you pass through immigration. I have booked stays at each hotel but I’ve only ever stay at the Hilton Frankfurt Airport. When I booked the Hilton Garden a couple of years ago, my reservation was changed to the regular Hilton and I was upgraded. Depending on how my parents feel we might just stay here for our entire stay in the city.

Oktoberfest Here We Come

After a couple of days in Frankfurt we would take the high speed rail to Munich (we most likely would take a day trip to Stuttgart as well). We would spend a couple of day in Munich and go to Oktoberfest as well as visiting some of the sites. I haven’t decided which hotel we would stay at in Munich but I would like something centrally located with easy access to the U-bahn.

After a couple of days in Munich, we would next board a flight to Milan. This part of the trip I still need to do some research on. I would like to fly back to either New York or Washington DC in business class. Right now, I’m looking to fly either TAP Air Portugal or Royal Air Maroc. The choice will come down to if I can find business class award availability for 3 people.

These are my plans for right now but be on the look out for future posts when I book the flights and hotels.