It’s Not Even September and I Already Booked a Trip for My Birthday

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For my birthday I’ll be taking a trip to France thanks to a great sale on Business class flights from La Compagnie. Flights from Newark to Paris were as low as $1000 round trip. I took the opportunity to book a trip for the end of February/beginning of March to not only celebrate my birthday but also my mother’s birthday as well.

For those who don’t know, La Compagnie is an airline that flies 757 in an all business class configuration. They will soon add an a321 to their fleet with a new business class product. To give you an idea what the product will be like, here is a YouTube Video.

I’m really excited for this trip. I’ve been to Europe a few times but I’ve never been to France. My mom has never been to Europe and it’s always been a dream of hers to go to Paris so I’m glad this opportunity came up. I haven’t booked hotel rooms yet, but will be in the next month or two. Location will be the key driver as I want to stay near the Louvre or the Eiffel Tower.

I’m also taking the opportunity to ride the EuroStar and spend a day in London. This trip will require a lot or coordination but it will be well worth the trouble.

Did you get the opportunity to take advantage of the La Compagnie sale?