Changes to the Delta/Starbucks Relationship

Starting today (6/12/2024) only reloads of $25 or more will earn miles. Before as long as your Starbucks account was linked with your Delta account, you would earn miles. Earning is no longer $1= 1 Skymile, its now tiered.

Reload AmountSkymiles
$25 – $49.9925 Miles
$50 – $74.9975 Miles
$75 – $99.99125 Miles
$100200 Miles

The other notable change is that now you can chose 6000 stars as part of choice benefits for Platinum and Diamond Medallion members. Before the benefit was 4000 stars. The ability to earn double stars on Delta travel days is unchanged.

There is a promo going that gives you an extra 50 miles if you do your first reload. You have to log into your Skymiles account and sign up for the promo.

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