Did Anyone Else get a Gift Card from AMEX?

Yesterday I got this letter from American Express. AMEX usually sends out a gifts or gift cards to those who hold an American Express Platinum card every 1-2 years. The gift cards are usually for high end or specialty retailers and the amounts range from $100 – $300. 2 years ago AMEX sent me a package of things from Boxed. Last year they sent me a gift card to a speciality clothing website (I didn’t use the card).

In the past others have received gift cards from Tiffany’s or Saks. I was hoping for a card I could actually use but instead I got this…

A $100 gift card to Johnny Was. I had no idea what Johnny Was was. I looked it up and it’s a high end Women’s clothing retailer. This is strange given the fact that American Express has so much data on me and I have never shopped at any Women’s clothing stores but I guess it’s the thought that counts.

Did anyone else receive a gift card from AMEX?