My Membership Reward Points from EBates (Rakuten) Posted

I signed onto my American Express account the other day and saw that my MR points had posted. It’s not surprising that the points posted but when the points posted.

Ebates sends cash back or points on a set schedule as noted above. The surprising thing for me is the points were sent 2 days earlier than listed on May 13th and posted to my American Express account the same day. I’m not complaining but it makes me wonder whether Ebates could start sending MR points much quicker since the process is much less complicated than mailing checks or sending PayPal payments.

Quick reminder for those interested purely in earning cash back. If you have the American Express Charles Schwab Platinum, you can transfer MR points to your account at a rate of 1 MR point to 1.25 cents. This would effectively increase your cash back amount by 25%.

The one thing that I am wondering is if you chose MR points as your payment method, does Ebates still require you to have a minimum of $5.00 or 500 MR points. I would like to test this out but I’ve already passed this threshold thanks to the 10% cash back at Postmates and the 15% birthday sale.

If you have earned less than $5.00, did your MR points post? Let me know.