Spotify Premium Now Comes with Hulu

Recently, I decided to get rid of my DirecTV now subscription as I wasn’t using it much. I decided for the next couple of months, I would use a combination of an OTA antenna, iTunes and Hulu. I started my 30 free trial of Hulu about a week ago then I saw the news that Spotify would be offering Hulu for free. Users with Spotify Premium will be able to subscribe to Hulu’s ad-supported tier . This was great for me since I already have Spotify Premium.

Since I already had both accounts, all I had to do was link my Spotify and Hulu accounts. When you link your Hulu account to Spotify, you have to opt into Spotify billing. BEWARE…if you have credits from gift cards applied to your account, they will disappear. So use your current credits before you link your Hulu account to Spotify.

HT: Doctor of Credit