My Travel Plans for 2019

This year my travel plans are not as concrete as they were last year. This is because the nature of my job has changed between last year and this year (so long #consultantlife). Given that, there are some destinations that I want to check off my bucket list this year. The biggest of which is visiting Australia.

Given the relatively low business class award availability from US, this trip will probably take me to a country in Asia first then hopping a business class (or maybe a Singapore Airlines first class) flight to Australia. I have a couple of months to plan but I’m really excited about this trip.

The other big trip this year would be taking my parents to Germany for Oktoberfest. My Dad was stationed there when he was in the Army and would definitely like to go back and my mom has never been to Europe. For this trip I really would like to fly to Frankfurt out of JFK so my parents can enjoy Singapore Airlines Business class.

Beside those two big trips, the only other trip I’m definitely going on this year is a trip to Orlando in October for my friends wedding. I may take a trip to Seattle and another trip to Baltimore some time this year. My family hasn’t planned Thanksgiving or Christmas yet so I may end up in an unexpected destination for those holidays.