My 2018 Year in Review

Happy Year! 2018 was a big travel year for me. I didn’t visit the variety of places that I have in previous years but I spent the most hours in the air (thanks #ConsultantLife). For perspective here are all the statuses I’ve earned:

  • American Airlines Executive Platinum (previously Platinum)
  • Marriott Platinum (previously Gold through American Express)
  • Hyatt Discoverist (no status)
  • Hilton Gold (through American Express)
  • National Executive Elite (I rented a lot of cars this year)

I visited only 3 different countries (Chile, Thailand, and Qatar) and only 15 different airports. This is actually the first time in 6 years I haven’t visited Las Vegas ?.

Looking back at my 2018 resolutions and I didn’t stick to any of them. I was really bad about it. This year I’m going to make a concerted effort to actually post more. I have about 20 drafts that I never published and need to actually click the publish button. I’m actually scheduling time each week to write posts so I’m hoping that will help me post more consistently. Thanks for reading and I hope to make 2019 a memorable travel year.